1. Sweater Donation

Mechanical Engineering Student Association (MESA) donated 300 sweaters on 03/11/2018.

Greatest pleasure is of giving a Warm Hug of Humanity to the student in need. It is a great pleasure to announce that on 03rd November 2018, Mechanical Engineering Student Association (MESA) in collaboration with Educoin Foundation donated 300 sweaters to students of Z. P. School, Kohor, Tal. Peth in Nashik District.

2. Donation at Adharashram

Mechanical Engineering Student Association (MESA) contributed to the society with Donation at Adharashram, Nashik on 16/02/2018.

The MESA team reached the Adharashram at 10:00 am. The children of Adharashram were very pleasantly excited to receive the members. There were huge smiles on the faces of orphanage children and they were very happy to be engaged with us. The team members also met the caretaker of Adharsharam who were busy in helping the children to do various activities. They distributed lunch to children. All the children looked so excited and joyful. Our Faculties handed over the money for this noble cause to caretaker of the Adharasharam. The team spent a little over two hours with the children of Adharasharam before saying goodbye to them. It was indeed very satisfying experience for the students as they could bring smiles on the faces of children however for brief period. We realized that one must contribute and understand our social responsibilities towards society.

3. Pune Vidyarthi Griha Anathgruha Panchavati Nashik


4. Educoin is a NGO based in Nashik, India.

Educoin wants to see poor children in India get educated and live healthy. Educoin strives to help children. Feel free to call or contact us if you feel that any child is in need, or a talent is getting wasted