Library At Glance:

Title Details
Total No of Books 8834
Total no of Titles 2534
Total No of National / International Journals 31 (National – 22 & International -09)
Total no of Newspapers 11
Total no of CD’ s & DVD’s 189
E-Books ( Freely download) 2330
E-Journal 160
Total No. of Handbooks 27
Projects 260
Total Library Area 430 sq.m.
Seating Capacity 150
Total no.of Volumes 11164(No.of Volumes=8834 + No.of E-Books=2330)

Library Advisory Committee:

Sr.No. Name Of Committee Member Designation
1 Prof. Dr.R.L. Edlabadkar Chairman
2 Mr. S. N. Gunjal Administrative Officer
3 Prof.M.V.Bhalerao Co-ordinator
4 Prof. Dr.P.G.Shete Member
5 Prof.Dr.S.G. Wakchaure Member
6 Prof. Dr.A. R. Rasane Member
7 Prof. Mrs. J.A. Dandge Member
8 Prof. S.N. Bhadane Member
9 Mr.P.S.Kumawat Accounts Officer
10 Mr. S. G. Zanan System Support
11 Mr.N.S.Dawkhar Lib.Member
12 Mrs.V.P.Patil Member Secretary

Library Report:

Sr. No Course No. Of Titles No. Of Volumes No. Of National Periodicals
1 Gen. Science & Humanities 567 2414 07
2 E&TC Engineering 674 2219 06
3 Mechanical Engineering 549 2003 06
4 IT Engineering 348 1100 06
5 Computer Engineering 396 1098 06
Total 2534 8834 31

Facilities In Library

Title Details
Seating Capacity in Reading Hall 150
Online Journal Facility Yes
Reprographic Facility Yes
Library Network Facility Yes

Library Rules of Discipline

  1. In case you have any problem regarding Library, please see the Librarian. Keep your Identity Card always with you for inspection as and when required.
  2. Identity Card is non- transferable.
  3. Student members shall produce his/her Identity Card at the Library Counter.
  4. A library member should sign in the Visitor’s Register kept at the entrance before entering the Library.
  5. The student must deposit his / her belongings such as an umbrella, hat, or bag, file etc. at the counter / rack provided. Do not keep any valuables, money-purse etc in the bags. Library staff, Librarian, or college will not be responsible for Loss of any such valuables or belongings.
  6. Maintain absolute silence in the Library and Study room. Use of Mobile, in ANY FORM- SMS, CHATTING, CALLING is strictly prohibited. Disturbance to others is not tolerable.
  7. Spiting and smoking in any part of the library is strictly prohibited.
  8. No waste paper shall be thrown on the floor of the Library. Do not liter. Use Dustbin.
  9. Eatables are not allowed in the Library.
  10. Sleeping on the benches, Chairs, Tables is not allowed.

Rules for Circulation

  1. Book will be circulated from 9.30 to 5.30pm on all working days.
  2. Every student must produce his/her Identity card while borrowing books.
  3. Library observes open Access System for all classes.
  4. An issued book must be returned within TEN days otherwise an overdue fine of Rs.01/- per day will be charged.
  5. Due date of an issued book, if not in demand may be renewed at the discretion of the Librarian.
  6. While borrowing, every student must check the book for missing pages if any or any other damages to the book &bring it to the notice of the Librarian.
  7. All books taken by the reader in the Library should be returned to the Counter .before leaving the Library.
  8. Do not mark or fold any pages of the books.
  9. Library books damaged by the user shall pay its cost. The Librarian is empowered to recall any books at any time.
  10. Periodicals,Reference books and rare-books will not be loaned except in the special case with the prior permission of the Librarian / HIGHER AUTHORITIES.
  11. Handle the books carefully while browsing /consulting them.
  12. No part of Library reading material shall be photo-copied, without permission of the Librarian.
  13. All Library books shall be returned at the end of the examination.
  14. Issue of books may at any time be suspended by orderof the Librarianfor instance, at the time of Stock taking.