Fire Fighting System

FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEM as per the guidelines of Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) Nashik.


Main Features :

  • It consists of underground water storage tank 2,00000 litres.
  • The system consists of about 800 Rmt GI pipeline network with 6inch and 4inch diameter with 3 Pumps having head about 76mt.
  • The network having connections with Non return valves, Butterfly valves, Pressure switch, Pressure Gauge, Air vessel for Hydrant valve, Priming tank, Branch pipe network, Hose reel drum, S. S. Hydrant valve, and Fire alarms with 6 Kg ABC type Fire Extinguisher at each floor.
  • Water jet can be easily spread up to 60feet long and 50 feet high.
  • System is inspected and tested at every six months interval.
  • Certificate of Fire Safety is issued for PVG campus from Nashik Municipal Commission authorities at every year.
    Installation of fire fighting system near main building
    Fire fighting system in the institute campus
Fire fighting system in the parking area of campus


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