Equal Opportunity Cell

Sr. No. Name of Person Designation
1 Dr. M.V.Bhalerao Chairman
2 Dr.A.R.Rasane Vice-Chairman
3 Prof.S.V.Dharane Member – Secretary
4 Dr.S.B.Jadhav Member – Teaching
5 Prof.J.Y.Kapadnis Member – Teaching
6 Dr.M.S.Dharane Member – Counselor
7 Mr.Vikas Salunkhe Member – Counselor
8 Ms.Sharayu Khachane Member – Student
9 Ms.Kalpana Singh Member – Student
10 Mr.Sumit Ubale Member – Student

Functions of Equal Opportunity Cell:

  1. To give cqual opportunity for boys and girls and to guide for equal benefits offered by State Government, Government of India (GOI) and AICTE.
  2. To guide divyangjan students for optimally utilize benefits and schemesoffered by State Government, Government of India (GOI) and AICTE.
  3. To sensitise all sectors of institute towards the constitutional mandate and UGC/AICTE/University guidelines regarding the functioning of the cell.
  4. To prepare and implement the development plan for divyangjan students and staff of institute.
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