Grievance Redressal Committee

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Dr.M.V.Bhalerao Chairman
2 Prof. S.N.Shukla Member Secretary
3 Shri.S.N.Gunjal Member – Management
4 Dr. A.R.Rasane Member – Teaching
5 Dr. Mrs. S.B. Jadhav Member – Teaching
6 Prof. S.G.Chordiya Member – Teaching
7 Dr. Mrs. Y.M. Ahire Member – Teaching
8 Prof.S.V.Dharane Member – Teaching
9 Mr.Sandeep Darade Member – Non-Teaching
10 Mrs. A.R.Gujrathi Member – Non- Teaching
11 Ms.Avantika S.Junagade Member – Student (TE IT)
12 Mr.Nikhil V.Jadhav Member – Student (TE E&TC)
13 Mr.Rohan N.Kathode Member – Student (TE Mech)
14 Mr.Bhavesh S.Amrutkar Member – Student (TE Comp)

Scope and functions of Grievance Redressal Committee

  1. To address the informal and formal complaints (non-financial) of any employee or student.
  2. To ensure the fair and timely resolution of the complaints.
  3. To provide counseling and support services in college campus.


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