Rain Water Harvesting

Rain water harvesting system in the institute campus

Description and Significance:

For the main building total roof top rain water is collected through the channels and pipe line in the tanks. Two underground RCC water tank had been specially constructed to collect rain water, before entry of the water to tank it has been filtered in the Inspection Chambers which consist of three layers as Rock Filters, Course Sand and Fine Sand with Coal Powder. Water after filtration screen through thin wire mesh and allow in the Collection Tank. Each tank had 30000 litres of storage capacity. If tank get full by rain water then excess water is allowed to overflow pipeline network through underground.  After 50 feet distance long tail channel of 300 feet is excavated, and filled by brick bats and covered by soil and vegetation. Excess overflow exits in this tail channel, water see pages through the brick into the ground and recharging the ground water table level in the Institute campus.

Total 60000 litres of storage water from underground tank can be use in summer season for gardening and playground.

Tank Layout :

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