Core Values

Institutional Perspective Plan

Organizational Structure

Administrative and Academic Process Manual

Code of Conduct and Service Rules

Code of Ethics for Research

Handbook on Human Values and Professional Ethics

Institutional Policies

IT Facilities Policy

E Governance Policy

Teacher Training Policy

Green Campus/ Plastic Free Campus Policy

Environment and Energy Usage Policy   

NEP Policy

Internship Policy

Maintenance Policy

College Development Committee (CDC)

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Shri. R.V. Borhade: Chairman PVG Chairman
2 Shri. S.M. Jirge : Vice Chairman PVG Member
3 Shri. S.N. Gunjal : Secretary PVG Member
4 Shri. A.G. Kulkarni : Treasurer PVG Member
5 Shri. A..M. Joshi : Registrar PVG Member
6 Shri. S.P. Redekar : Director PVG Member
7 Shri. R.G. Kaduskar: Director PVG Member
8 Shri. D.P. Misal : Director PVG Member
9 Shri. K.M. Kulkarni : Director PVG Member
10 Shri. R.S. Kamble: Director PVG Member
11 Shri. R.U.Kulkarni: Director PVG Member
12 Dr. Mrs. S.B. Jadhav Member-Teacher
13 Prof. S.V. Dharane Member-Teacher
14 Dr. Mrs. Y.M. Ahire Member-Teacher
15 Prof. A.R.Rasane Member-IQAC
16 Dr. D.M. Gujarathi Member-Research
17 Shri. Sunil Gidh Member-Industry
18 Dr. N.S. Patil Member-Education
19 Shri. Sagar Katkade Member-Social Service
20 Mr. S.G. Zanan Member -Non-teaching
21 Mr. Sumit Bagal Member – Student
22 Mr. Mohit Patil Member – Student
23 Dr. M.V.Bhalero Member Secretary


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