Sr. No. Members Designation
1 Prof. Dr. R. L. Edlabadkar Chairman, Principal
2 Prof. M.M. Kamble Member, Secretary
3 Prof. A. B. Lamb Member
4 Prof. A. N. Gharu Member
5 Prof. B. D. Pingle Member
6 Prof. K .K. Patil Member
7 Mr. A.D. Ushire Member
8 Mr. Shekokar Gaurav R. Student Member
9 Mr. Gangurde Jayesh R. Student Member

SC/ST Cell

  1. To follow the reservation policies .
  2. To maintain the Complaint Register
  3. To assist the committees from Government of India/UGC, Government of India with regard to implementation to reservation policy in the University.
  4. Maintenance of Reservation Rosters/Registers
  5. To ensure compliance of the orders of reservation issued and other benefits admissible from time to time in favour of SC/ST students.
  6. To liaise with the UGC, MHRD/ etc. with respect to supply of required information, answering queries and clearing doubts with respect to reservations data/information etc.
  7. To liaise with Office of the Commissioner for SC/ST/ in response of representations/ complaints.
  8. Coordinate with Equal Opportunity Office for implementation of policies/ orders etc. regarding equal opportunity.