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A platform for the students to learn new technologies, explore innovative ideas, build projects and discuss programming concepts. With this club, we aim to create a community consisting of students who are into coding and are willing to dig deep into what else programming has to offer.

In this rapidly growing world, everyone has to catch up with today’s exponential technology, so while competing, the youth have to be skilled. To make a stronghold in the market skills apart from academic knowledge a student should spread his roots in other essential skills like speaking, presenting, decision making, and teamwork Which also plays an important role.

The prominent motive of this club is to provide accurate, adequate knowledge to the students, where they can have hands-on experience with recent technologies under the guidance of expert mentors. We aim for genuine support for the students to enhance their abilities and welcome new tech opportunities.


  • To establish coding culture on campus, reaching every student passionate about coding.


  •    To promote the students for advanced studies for betterment towards the compositive world.
  •    To put emphasis on technical excellence with affordable education.
  •    To encourage the engineers for entrepreneurship.

Welcome & Greetings!

It gives us immense pleasure, to introduce you all to the PVG’s Skill Up Club; a university-based community group of students, at Pune Vidyarthi Griha’s College of Engineering, Nashik. We aim to enrich the campus and community by developing passionate students’ skills and empowering them to bring change. The club provides opportunities where developers, designers, and managers work together and help to grow each other in the peer-to-peer learning environment.

By joining PVG’s Skillup Club students will explore new fields and upgrade their skills. The club will host events regarding new technologies with hands-on implementation to solve practical problems and become solution oriented.

Zashi. A. Patil (President)

Skill Up Club Committee

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Dr.M.V.Bhalerao Principal
2 Prof. J .Y Kapadnis Head- Comp Engg
3 Prof. J .Y Kapadnis Head- Comp Engg
4 Prof. I.S.Sonawane TPO
5 Dr.V.N.Waghmare Member- Teaching
6 Dr. S.N.Dive Club Co-ordinator
7 Prof. Mrs. I. M. Shaikh Club Co-ordinator
8 All  Skill Up Team Students


2.InfyTq & HackwithInfy

3.MongoDB Seminar

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