Staff Certificates Course details during COVID- 19 Lockdown

Sr. No. Name of Staff Name of the course Course Type Date/Duration
1 Dr. A.R.Rasane Roadmap for patent creation NPETL Course Jan-Apr 2020
2 Prof. H. B. Wagh Training on OpenFOAM Certification course 19-05-20
3 Prof. M. V. Bhalerao Training on LaTex Certification course 27-04-20
4 Prof. T. R. Pawar Student and Child Data Privacy IEEE Virtual Tech Talk ——
5 Prof. V.C.Chopade SE Mechanical (2019 course) Curriculum Implementation workshop Workshop on Solid mechanics course 17th -20th 06/2020
6 Prof. A. N. Gharu Machine Learning E learning program 28-04-20
7 Dr. A.R.Rasane Certified peer reviewer course Certificate of Excellence 02-05-20
8 Prof. S.N.Bhadane Cyber Security and Cyber law Online training program 30th June-4th July 2020
9 Prof. B.D.Pingale Basics of Inventory Control Online Certification course 11-05-20
10 Prof. Y.M.Ahire Decoding Examination during and Post COVID 19 National Level FDP 08-05-20
11 Prof. H.N.Kolhe Cloud Computing using AWS Five days FDP 3rd-7th June 2020
12 Prof. K.K.Patil Data Structure and Algorithm & DSL Faculty orientation Program, curriculum SE-IT (2019 Course) 27-06-20
13 Prof. M.T.Jagtap JAVA Programming Certification course 13-04-20
14 Prof. J.S.Pawar Python 3.4.3 Online FDP 26th-30th Apr. 2020
15 Dr. A.R.Rasane Patent law for Engineering and Scientists 12 week NPTEL Course Jan- Apr 2020
16 Prof. P.A.Lahare LaTex Five days FDP program 20th– 24th Apr. 2020
17 Prof. N.D.Kulkarni Physics in daily life Online short term course 25th Apr- 1st May 2020
18 Prof. J.Y.Kapadnis Arduino Certification course 25-04-20
19 Prof. R. S. Kolhe Patenting for Innovations STTP 25th – 29th May 2020
20 Prof. A.R.Sonawane Linux One Week FDP 25th – 29th May 2020
21 Prof. A.R.Jain Python 3 Tutorial Course 20-04-20
22 Prof. R. R. Desai Leadership Talk with Ms. Ashwini Deshpande Talk 06-06-20
23 Prof. J.A.Dandge Online Content Creation and Assessment Tool 3 Days State level online Workshop 4th-6th June 2020
24 Prof. S.K.Thakare Logic Design and Computer Organisation and COL Online Faculty Orientation Program of SE IT (2019 Course) 30-06-20
25 Prof. R.K.Patil Antenna Design and Troubleshooting One Week Online FDP 3rd – 7th June 2020

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