We believe that along with academic curriculum, for the overall development of the students extra-curricular activities are also important. College is implementing various activities under the Students Welfare Cell.

Personality development of students Special guidance scheme
Social awareness Workshop and seminars on various topics

Prof. Suhas V. Dharane
Student Welfare Officer

Programs under Student Welfare Cell

  1. Personality Development by Miss. Nirmala Kewlani, (Miss. Wheel Chair India) and Mr. Hansraj Patil, (International Champion, Swimming)
  2. Workshop on Elocution “वक्तृत्वातुन व्यक्तित्वाकडे” एक दिवसीय कार्यशाळा कै. नी. गो. पंडितराव स्मृती राज्यस्तरीय वक्तृत्व स्पर्धा समिती, ठाणे, सलग्न.

1. SDO Activity

2. Nirbhay Kanya Abhiyan

3. Self Defense Program