Welcome To Department Of Computer Engineering

jadIf there is any revolution that has impacted the world in the last two decades in the maximum possible manner, it is clearly Information Technology. We realize the significance of this specialization and have ensured a well-rounded infrastructure along with a very confident faculty. As the world remains a highly evolving place, we believe that, it is not just about preparing student with modern knowledge, but also about equipping them with know-how that will help them on the changing globe. Our Indian demographic profile with 550 million below the age of 25, approximately one- fourth of the global workforce by 2020, has the potential to change the future of not only this country but of the whole world.

Prof. Jagruti A. Dandge
Computer Engineering


To develop engineers with adequate knowledge for employability.


  1. To promote project ideas suitable for all mankind for the betterment of society.
  2. To develop engineers having great human ethics.
  3. To encourage the engineers for entrepreneurship.
  4. To adopt innovative teaching mechanism.
  5. To promote the students for advanced studies for betterment towards the competitive world.
  6. To put emphasis on technical excellence with affordable education.

Program Specific Outcomes

  1. Serve as Programmer or Software Engineer with sound knowledge of practical and theoretical concepts for developing software.
  2. Serve as Computer Engineer with enhanced knowledge of computers and its building blocks.
  3. Utilizing the programming skills sets with recent technologies for society.
  4. Use programming paradigms and its various applications in the fields of Information Technology.
  5. Give technical support for various systems.
  6. Apply standard practices to develop the project and get the ability to deliver the quality product.
  7. Be prepared to work professionally with modern computer languages / tools..
  8. To cultivate entrepreneurship qualities among students.
  9. Offer Real Time solutions by using effective knowledge.