Best Practices

Best Practice 1- Student Skill DevelopmentBest Practice 2- Application Based Projects

Best Practice-1

1.TNS India Foundation

TNSIF intends to forge an association and collaborate closely with Pune Vidhyarthi Griha’s College of Engineering & Shrikrushna Sadashiv Dhamankar Institute of Management, Nashik, to conduct employability training and career counseling sessions for final-year college students. These activities will span throughout the year, extending to a few months beyond their final year examinations until students are successfully placed.

2.Information and Communication Technology Tools

Implementing an interactive smart Panel in an engineering college offers multifaceted benefits, revolutionizing the learning experience. With touch-screen capabilities, it enhances engagement by enabling professors to use multimedia content and collaborative tools, fostering dynamic and visually rich presentations for complex engineering concepts. Additionally, it streamlines administrative processes through digital notices, automated attendance tracking, and real-time information sharing. The smart BPanel supports collaborative learning with group projects and discussions, aids in remote learning with virtual classes, and facilitates hands-on simulations for technical skill development. Interactive assessments, quizzes, and polls provide instant feedback, while reduced paper usage contributes to environmental sustainability. The platform also accommodates visual aids like 3D models, enhancing comprehension, and enables the hosting of virtual guest lectures and webinars for professional development. In essence, the smart BPanel transforms traditional teaching methods, creating an immersive, efficient, and technologically advanced educational environment.
The classrooms in the institute were equipped with smartboard and Interactive panels.
There are 12 interactive panels in the institute from BenQ Technologies.

3. Industrial Visit to Decimal Point Analytics

Decimal Point Analytics is a contemporary, technology-enabled financial research consulting company. The synergy of their machine learning algorithms with a highly skilled professional team empowers to develop distinctive, tailor-made products, real-time services, and solutions for their clients. The unparalleled value proposition they offer has been increasingly recognized and appreciated by clients worldwide.

In collaboration with PVGCOE & SSD IOM Nashik, they extend their commitment to fostering the growth of TE students. Through their association, they aim to provide employability training and career counseling sessions, creating a bridge between academia and industry. Additionally, students will benefit from industrial visits, gaining practical insights into real-world applications and industry practices. These visits aim to enhance their understanding of theoretical concepts and prepare them for the dynamic challenges of the professional world.

4. Vertical Machining Center

The objective of Advance VMC(Milling) Operating and Programming is to raise awareness about VMC Programming, to increase the confidence level of student for operating VMC Programming, to increase the employability of students through VMC Programming Trainees will leam about machine preparation, set up, and operation, including tool selection and installation.

Best Practice-2

Application-based projects is a forward-looking initiative aimed at providing students with a practical and industry-aligned learning experience. In recognition of the evolving demands in technology, this project positions students to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real-world application. By immersing them in the development of a meaningful application, we foster creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration, nurturing a generation of engineers well-prepared for the challenges of the professional landscape

We have categorized application-based projects into 11 categories, and the table illustrates these 11 categories.

Category of Application Based Projects

Sr. No. Category of Application
1 Health
2 Business
3 Environmental
4 Agriculture
5 Safety
6 Technology
7 Transportation
8 Education
9 Energy
10 Automation
11 Recognition of Projects

Photos of Application Based Projects

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